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* Minimum schedule of 2 hours with 2 persons are required, call if have questions.

  • Get as many as you need, get all clean in one visit.
  • Each Hour of housecleaning has included all equipment and cleaning supplies (customer must provide garbage bags, paper towels)
  • It's 2 two persons per hour.
  • Fully Insured, SO NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. (ask for a certificate of insurance)
  • Available to clean all that you need, it just requires more time.
  • Cancellation policies apply. Fees are $45.00 for cancellation with a day before, or $90.00 for same-day cancellation.
  • THE REAL DEAL: You're constantly on the move, keeping your home spick and span might slip through the cracks. Let the pros step in and handle the dirty work, all while saving some cash with this fantastic offer!

1 Hour of House Cleaning with 2 Persons.

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