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Ruth's House Cleaning

Serving the Westchester County, NY Area Since 2014

All of us at Ruth’s House Cleaning are committed to performing our jobs in a manner consistent with our wish to create and maintain long-term client relationships. 

For first-time customers (unless instructed otherwise), we bring our own supplies, including the vacuum. The client may choose, on subsequent visits, to provide his/her own supplies, or for us to continue to bring our own. 

We work to provide a service with which the client is always satisfied, and have been gratified by the responses we’ve received thus far.


Why should you hire us? 
Because, quite simply, we offer a professionally-run service and a cleaner home.

All of our ladies are experienced and hardworking, and we customize our services to meet the individual needs and expectations of each client.


Established in 2014.
Ruth's House Cleaning was founded after owners noticed a shortage of service in others companies, we saw a poor service on them.

We are sure that we can provide better job, a detailed service, serving as the customer needs, we clean all that the customer needs.
It becomes real after consistently positive reviews of our customers.

For the benefits of Customers and Ruth's House Cleaning
 We follow these steps:
A. Initial service is hourly rated.
B. We will agree a new price/flat rate, depending how often you will need this service and after the first clean.
C. For extra service, we will charge this price every time after you agreed to use this service.
D. For large projects as 4-5h +, A deposit is required to make an appointment, there is a fee for; a day before cancelation $40.00 or same day cancelation $80.00.
C. All payments will be done after we're done with the job and after you see the cleaned house. We can't leave the house without the payment. For your comfort, we will let you know 30 minutes before we are done with the job.
E. Pay in cash as main option or checks to Ruth's House Cleaning Corp ( taxes include) and electronic payments as PayPal, accepting credit cards.

See you soon!

"Ruth's House Cleaning" 


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